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SOLUTION - Precision Machine - SOLUTION - Precision Machine

When you are in the production of gears or other parts, you need a precision machine. If you produce components slightly flawed, it will affect your whole machine manufacturing. When the whole industry machines need power and precision, GAM's products and services are your best choice.

Perfect cutting - direct drive technology

For gear grinding machine, precision machine tools and other machines, the direct drive technology is a high-precision, high reliability, excellent protection. By eliminating the corresponding transmission components, direct drive technology reduces the machine's components, but also reduces the time required for maintenance of the machine, the more important is the direct-drive technology eliminates the transmission components caused by the backlash, noise and redundancy. By direct-drive technology, every cut is perfect.

Better engineering technology to bring more profits

GAM products lead the machine tool industry from the hydraulic power steering. Now, we are still at the forefront in the following areas: advanced design tools, sports networks, joint research and development as well as combination products. Tai Yue technology is the quality of high-speed, precision and high-end machinery products.