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Servo planetary reducer can be mounted directly to the AC and DC servo motor, widely used in industrial fields moderate degree of accuracy. Such as: printing machine, flame cutting, laser cutting, CNC machine tools, tools, machinery, food packaging, industrial automation in aerospace, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, robotics, robots, communications equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, printing equipment, packaging machinery, textile. machinery, machine tools, CNC bending machine, parking equipment, measurement equipment, machine tools, precision monitoring system, vehicle industry, automatic control system and other industries.


Tai Yue reducer process performance and features:

Servo planetary reducer provides a cost-effective, widely used, economical and practical, long life, etc., in the servo control applications, play a good effect servo rigidity, accurate positioning control, the operation of the platform with a low backlash , high efficiency, high input speed, high input torque, smooth running, low noise characteristics, small in size and appearance and structural design. Lifetime free replacement of oil, and no matter where the installation, maintenance operations can avoid fully enclosed design, and has a degree of protection IP65, so can also be used when poor working environment. Industrial robots, and automation of machinery and electronic products industry.