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 Principle, type and calculation method of the speed reducer
The speed reducer is a kind of relatively precise machine, the purpose of using it is to reduce the speed and increase the torque. In some places also used to grow, known as the growth rate. Generally used for driving equipment of low speed and high torque, the motor, the internal combustion engine or other high-speed operation of power through a less number of gear reducer input shaft tooth engages the output shaft of the gear to achieve speed and ordinary reducer will also have a few on the same principle to achieve the ideal reduction gear effect, the size of the gear ratio of the number of teeth is the transmission ratio.
Reducer of the type variety, many patterns, eyes have been developed as for reducer (China) there are more than 40 kinds of standard. Deceleration device category is according to the gear tooth profile, tooth profile curve is divided; deceleration is a kind is designed according to the differences in the structure of the reducer; gear type is different characteristics on the basis of the basic structure of tooth surface hardness, transmission series, shaft type, assembly type, type of installation, connection type and factors according to the design of the reducer.
Ratio = motor output speed 83019 reducer output speed ("ratio", also known as "drive than) 1. Know motor power and speed ratio and the coefficient for reducer torque formula as follows: reducer torque =9550 x motor power, motor power input RPM * ratio X factor 2. Know torque and speed reducer output speed and coefficient, reducer required motor power formula as follows: motor power = torque 83019 9550 x motor power input speed, speed ratio, using coefficient of it are different, different types, different types have different uses.
Deceleration device types and different, divided according to type of drive for the gear reducer, worm gear reducer and planetary gear reducer; in accordance with the different transmission series can be divided into single stage and multi-stage reducers; divided according to the shape of gear for cylindrical gear reducer, bevel gear reducer and cone cylinder gear reducer; according to the arrangement of the drive can be divided into expansion, shunt type and the coaxial speed reducer. The following is a commonly used reducer classification:
1, 2, cycloid reducer hardened cylinder gear reducer, planetary gear reducer 3. 4, soft tooth surface reducer 5, three ring reducer 6, crane reducer, worm gear reducer 8, 9 Hardened reducer, the CVT