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High-speed, heavy-duty mechanical drive key technology research results significantly
Time:2015-09-28    Source: Shanghai emperor Yue speed reducer manufacturing Co., Ltd.    View:110


Recently, advanced manufacturing technology, "Eleventh Five-Year" National Technology Support Program "key basic parts and components" key project "high-speed, heavy duty, precision mechanical drive key technology research" project Manufacturing Co., Ltd. successfully passed the acceptance in Nanjing High Speed Gear .
The topic for the major equipment for large vessels, heavy duty gas turbine, megawatt-class wind turbines, offshore platforms and other high-speed, heavy-duty gear special requirements, to carry out a high-speed, heavy-duty gear dynamic characteristics analysis and vibration noise control technology, high power density design technology, reliability evaluation technology based on dynamic, high-speed marine space staggered small angle helical gear design technology, wind power gearboxes accelerate critical technology research fatigue test evaluation technology, breakthroughs and mastered the inner ring large thin-walled high toothed precision processing technology, large-scale high-precision machining and gear tooth surface enhancement technology, small-angle helical gear and cabinet space axis intersects triaxial holes processing technology, large modulus rack flame cutting technology, a number of key technologies. Issue has been declared national invention patents 11, mandated seven patents, standards revision 4, provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress prize two.
Development completed the FD1660 / 2250 wind turbine gearbox, GWC70.85 power marine gear boxes, HCA300 high-speed small angle marine gearbox, TP55 gas turbine load gearbox and large modulus gear rack and other seven kinds of new products, including with our own intellectual property rights more than 1.5MW wind turbine gearbox, by the German DEWI, TUV, GL certification; GWC70.85 (7.68MW / 800rpm) power marine gear boxes and large modulus gear rack by CCS, ABS, BV, NK , GL classification societies and other international certification, product main performance indicators close to or reached the international advanced level, can replace imported products, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology. Complete wind turbine gearbox, power marine gear boxes and other related products have been widely used in Hulunbeier wind power plant in Inner Mongolia, China Guangdong Nuclear Huitengliang a project to build a plunge in the North Sea Hing Engineering, Hunan, Inner Mongolia Huade cast a project, Huaneng Moderate major projects Jiangsu Qidong country of a project, the second phase project of Ningxia Helan Mountain, Datang Sanmenxia a project and COSL (Bohai victory, the South China Sea) rig lifting system, the user response is good. Since 2009, has produced and sold more than 1.5 MW wind turbine gearbox 3000, 50 MW heavy-duty gas turbine gearboxes nine, 5-megawatt marine gear box 250, high-speed marine small angle gear box 5, 50mm or more large modulus rack and pinion 216 sets, to achieve new value of 4 billion yuan, the new profit 600 million yuan; new tax 148 million yuan, the new exports of 290 million yuan. Outcome of the transfer income 2,000,000,000 yuan. Obtain provincial science and technology award two.
The research and technological achievements and major product upgrade completed a large-scale study of heavy-duty gear drives, development, production and international competitiveness, improve the country large-scale high-speed, heavy-duty independent innovation capability gearing, the import and export substitution foreign exchange and achieved good results, products widely application prospects, economic and social benefits are very significant.