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Russia launches new maritime robotic defense system to be completed sea defense
Time:2015-09-28    Source: Shanghai emperor Yue speed reducer manufacturing Co., Ltd.    View:110


According to reports, the Defense Department recently held Innovation Day exhibition, the Russian Defense Ministry launched a new maritime defense system, the country's Defense Ministry, an official said that the system is mainly composed of water, and the water underwater robots.
Russia agate company (ConcernMorinformsystem-Agat), general manager and chief designer Georgy in answer to RIA Novosti, said it is developing a global maritime defense command and control system is ready for large-scale testing. A ship or submarine patrol ship is not able to monitor the long-term large maritime area, and this information is controlled by the integrated maritime robotic defense system can complete the entire task of defense waters, as while the system is also provided for the relevant vessels in unknown environment navigation.
Patrol boats, unmanned aerial vehicles and various maritime defense system of the buoy sensors by a remote control and monitoring, communication, and data management.
According to the company's tender of agate, the maritime defense system can be used to dynamically monitor and locate underwater targets, but also on seas and national stakeholders were defending, but also of its objects sunk in the sea search and examination .
The purpose maritime defense system is to carry out the on-line monitoring waters and extensive hydrographic survey, mineral and biological resources exploration.
Agate Company also said that the maritime defense robot system can be the traditional internal combustion engine power, also can be a new solar, hydro power integrated therein.