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Code brick robot "Born"
Time:2015-09-28    Source: Shanghai emperor Yue speed reducer manufacturing Co., Ltd.    View:141


We assume insulating bricks automatic feeding system project, after several weeks of production testing, has reached the business expectations of automated production requirements, access to the company's high degree of recognition. "Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Advanced Manufacturing Institute) young researchers Xiayong Bin representation.
Code brick, not just manual labor
Insulation tiles manually palletizing robot in there to help before, is something that workers frown heavy labor. Heavy dust, summer temperatures often work site soared to more than 45 ℃. Poor working conditions do not say, labor intensity is also enormous - class eight hours, two workers need to code 12 vehicles brick, with a total weight of up to 2 tons.
"For all of these reasons, companies use automated robot palletizing of demand is very strong." Xiayong Bin said.
Due to high temperature and high dust environment field work, plus more than brick, brick-shaped changes, demanding rhythm of work, so that even a robot palletizing, the difficulty is very large.
It is necessary to fight the strength of the research unit. Businesses are more technical capabilities and design of several research units, advanced manufacture them themselves.
Earlier, the youth of advanced manufacturing research team in the relevant fields have had a lot of R & D results, such as dredging intelligent robots, robot palletizing large bar production line, automatic cement bagging devices. These devices have been put into actual production in related businesses, and has accumulated a good reputation.
After receiving the item, 夏永彬 to fly high with colleagues, Zhao Haibin, 李岩峰 many times to site visits, for enterprise production status today, we designed a line of conventional automatic transmission changes to the minimum program.
The project team based on existing conditions and the purpose to be achieved, analyze the difficulty of the project and breakdown, and finally down to the task of everyone.
夏永彬 is the project leader, the overall design of the project to consider, time node to grasp the progress of the project and with a high fly into corporate communication issues, electrical engineers responsible for the control design. Li Yanfeng in charge of the mechanical part of the suction gripper and vacuum air brick road design, Zhao Haibin responsible for shaping conveyor line, push brick agencies, robot support and protection network design.
In the design phase, we did not encounter little difficulty. For example, the research team is necessary to take into account the existing transmission lines enterprises have to consider how best to simply and effectively convey the plastic insulating bricks line with existing conveyor lines of convergence, but also consider the site of the work space.
"Through several site visits, we clever use of existing transmission lines short run as a separate enterprise and plastic conveyor line intermediate portion, without changing the original case of transmission lines, achieved our design, while saving space, reliability is good. "Xiayong Bin told reporters.
From the "paw" to "sucker"
In this project, how to design a "gripper" folder brick is a problem. Because changes in the embryo brick brick large brick catchy and at the mouth not as big, but also the fragile brick embryo.
"Before we make a comprehensive research institute colleagues vacuum suction technology, using a suction cup with suction bricks, experiments show that it will not only solve the problem of crawling brick, but also solve the problem of stacking bricks." Xiayong Bin said.
Production of embryos brick, the same batch of bricks will be because spices add water, resulting in uneven brick embryos humidity inconsistent embryo brick size after drying error, sucker suction gripper bricks and they will because the bricks deformation, sucker misalignment brick, and smoking is not the bricks.
In order to make the embryo more stable brick is drawn, the research team in the first scenario considered for single brick be "plastic" to achieve the spacing between the bricks and so on. It may in practice have found that single brick shaping reach enterprises require tact. After repeated adjustments shaping programs, we found that changing the spacing can be improved sucker suck brick stability.
Research team during site commissioning, in case of mechanical shaping section are not adjusted by adjusting the center sucker distance control, so that each can be accurately sucker suction on the corresponding bricks.
Fish is good cooperation and fisheries double award
This partnership allows 夏永彬 mixed feelings, he said: "Researchers should thoroughly understand the needs of enterprises, the development of reasonable solutions to a stable and reliable equipment for the primary task of development, can not pursue cutting edge of technology, but rather to be able to Difficulties solve industrial market feedback. "
Although such cooperation six months after the completion of the performance, but Xiayong Bin and his colleagues also appreciate the technical and economic docking some rather important things.
"First, the two sides to build a sincere and in-depth cooperation." In 夏永彬 opinion, researchers play to their technical superiority, the lab results are applied to solve the company's production needs, enterprises should provide the necessary research and development for them condition.
Furthermore, researchers output is not only the individual technology, but in cooperation with the enterprise development process, but also to help train technical personnel of enterprises, enhance the ability to apply technology companies, research and development results guarantee long-term stability used in production.
This is like "Give a man a fish, also delegate to fish."