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Shenzhen into an important base for the robot industry
Time:2015-09-28    Source: Shanghai emperor Yue speed reducer manufacturing Co., Ltd.    View:212


Providing robotic solutions
In 2011, Shenzhen enterprises Pennefather start using industrial robots to produce their own products; now Pennefather full import robotic manufacturing system, involving eight systems, with more than 200 sets of lightweight robots. Its automation team is currently more than 50 people, responsible for the development of robotic applications in line with production needs to be integrated into the work with the different needs of the production line. For the application of robots, Pennefather has acquired a set of rules and techniques.
Because earlier in the robot instead of doing business, Pennefather tasted the sweetness: the number of employees from a peak of 3,200 people, is now down to less than 1,000 people. Two years, robots posts replace nearly 75% of employees, saving labor costs 100 million yuan. This performance the envy of so many enterprises in Shenzhen, have to find their own tailor-made robot Pennefather technology production lines.
Thus, the original production of keyboard, mouse Pennefather addition of a new business, it is a robot. Last year, Pennefather has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, to force the robot production. "With the robot cost reduction and high-precision processing technology matures, flexible robotic systems market has great potential. At the same time, the robot is currently only focused on specific industries, such as palletizing, welding, etc., if extended to the injection assembly, and other fields, and broader prospects. "Super PF Yiu company marketing manager, told reporters.
According to the company's executives said that this year, the company has provided to more than 10 industries, robot solutions, including GPS navigation mobile phones, scales human scale, power supply, remote control and other industries. Recently, more access to a large domestic communications company orders a production line.
Leasing robot automation to accelerate the popularization 3C
In 2014 China's electronics equipment industry exposition held yesterday, 15 companies in Shenzhen robot industry Baotuan exhibitors, a robot whirlwind blowing in the exhibition hall. In recent years, the rapid development of the robotics industry in Shenzhen, the city Robot Association members present soared to 92, with annual sales of over 250 million yuan in Shenzhen and neighboring cities influential.
In the interview, the reporter found, and large-scale applications in the field of industrial robots early foreign car is different, in Shenzhen and surrounding, since 3C areas of business is very large, these companies use a lot of labor, high cost, increasing demand for industrial robots high.
Deputy Secretary-General Qiu Wo Shenzhen Robot Association, told reporters that the return on investment in the field of industrial robots generally 3-5 years. And for many small and medium enterprises in terms of the field of 3C, generally accepted payback period of only one year to a year and a half, which restricts the use of industrial robots these enterprises enthusiasm. Shenzhen Robot Association after research, decided to promote industrial robots rental business in the field of 3C. Relying on the CAS Shenzhen Advanced Institute, launched the "Products + Solutions" mode, solve practical application problems. Currently, the first robot pilot lease is about to start.
Qiu He told reporters, because the user needs the robotics industry vary widely, it is difficult to create a more suitable corporate robot, therefore leasing business is mainly conducted in the field of 3C, and mainly in several key positions, such as welding, dispensing, screwing, etc. .
Qiu He revealed that in the robotics industry, many of the core components need to buy from abroad, many companies did not meet the requirements because the purchases, resulting in higher purchase price. At the same time, by financial constraints, it is difficult to introduce and put into the high-end business development efforts, it is difficult to build large sales force for product sales. Therefore, many companies tend to rely on the Shenzhen robot Robot Association, pushing development.
Entertainment Robot participation "battle for the living room."
Since last year, the major manufacturers to compete significantly upgrade the family living room. Whether it is the wisdom of the home, or a variety of Internet TV box, we will fight sights living room. In yesterday's exhibition hall, the reporter saw the Shenzhen gifted Required showcased humanoid entertainment robot "alpha" generation, as a "human life partner", not only to achieve can sing, dance, etc., but also for visual editing. The company employs this description: "As long as you play on the computer, even children, can be edited on the alpha generation robot, user-friendly is our specialty."
More importantly, the "alpha" generation with Japan and South Korea, Europe and the robot company belonging to the same level of technical level, but the price is relatively low, the pricing is only 6000 yuan. This friendly price, so in the past, "lofty" entertainment robot smooth commercialization, reached the daily home entertainment.
According to the Shenzhen Robot Association, Alpha robot has obtained more than 20 patents and has 17 degrees of freedom joints and scalable, robust and sensitive steering performance can easily dance, a variety of complex movements boxing, physical performances. Meanwhile, a leading international technology standards body can automatically sense the equilibrium state "three-axis gyro sensor", also has a center of gravity so that the perception of the robot. Most similar products are still in use when rolling forward manner, Alfa robot has been achieved in the steady state the flexibility to walk upright, back. Currently, the robot has been stationed in the major network platform and store sales.