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China Digital Factory Promotion Conference "Sept. 21 grand opening
Time:2015-09-28    Source: Shanghai emperor Yue speed reducer manufacturing Co., Ltd.    View:107


The new round of industrial revolution struck a strong global manufacturing structure reshuffle trend has been set, look at China in the role of global manufacturing, also from "manufacturing" positive change to "manufacturing power." Faced with strong surround, "Made in China" lies in innovation-driven. Armed only with innovative technology, manufacturing it may overtake China in terms of design and production development, manufacturing and business, enterprises and other industries. Thus crossing, the only way to transition into Chinese manufacturing, digital, networked, intelligent development path has become the keyword.
Chinese manufacturing in the road beyond the foreign advanced manufacturing, digital factory is not open around an important part. Only on the basis of the digital factory, in order to further the use of advanced sensor network technology and innovative interactive technology, in order to achieve the purpose of the intelligent factory and the wisdom to move factories and achieve ultra-rush of foreign advanced manufacturing purposes. However, reality-based automation level of China's manufacturing industry is generally not high, the development of information systems subject to certain constraints. And now, whether driven by national policy, or a new strategy of domestic enterprises tend to develop all the way digital factory. Many proven, Digital Factory is the best embodiment of modern industrialization and information technology integration comes in; it is made in China to achieve innovation, leap, the transformation of an important breakthrough.
To this end, the Ministry of Science and Manufacturing Information Technology Engineering Office guidance, China Association for Mechatronics technology, integration of the two countries to push ahead with the Union, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society of Machinery Industry Automation Branch of Chinese Association of Automation Manufacturing Technical Committee co-sponsored, Bardon Vogel Media Group ? "e to create" magazine hosted the "China Digital Factory Promotion Conference (DFC'2014)" will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center September 21, 2014 to 22 days.
The conference has a lot of breakthroughs in the specifications, the first event leading guests to participate in leadership and experts Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology, China Machinery Industry Federation and other relevant ministries and industry organizations, domestic 398 large manufacturing enterprise information model The head of the German Industry 4.0 speakers, suppliers and media partners like; scale up to more than 500 people the General Assembly. Again, the main aspects of the Conference theme forums and sub-forums and content both exhibit some degree of uniformity and unique. As for China to promote digital plant keynote of the meeting of the General Assembly will be held digital plant main forum and virtual manufacturing, creating digital factories whole value chain, robotics and intelligent manufacturing three themes sub-forums. Topic both around the digital factory, but also around the center to expand all aspects of the argument, elaboration, analysis and prediction. Speakers authority, Presentations unique, meeting in the form of originality, the forward-looking aspect of the lecture topics are bound to have far-reaching impact in the industry.
The General Assembly will be held over the same period, "National Advanced Manufacturing Technology Forum and the 13th manufacturing automation and information technology seminar", "2014 National Automation System Integration and Standardization Technical Committee (SAC / TC159) Annual Conference", "PLCopen China organized general and technology exchange meeting "," SERCOS technology exchange meetings. "