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Planetary Gearheads

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EVS Series precision planetary reducer




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The coaxial output flange, with high precision, good rigidity, large carrying capacity, high efficiency, long life, low noise, small size, light, beautiful appearance, easy installation, precise positioning and other characteristics, suitable for AC servo motors DC servo motors, stepper motors, gear transmission.



     Seven kinds of frame sizes available

     Backlash of 6-9 arc minutes

     Maximum torque is up 16000NM ·

     Highest radial load capacity 90000N

     Provides 3: 1 to 2000: 1 ratio

     It can be connected to any one motor

     Operating life of about 20,000 hours


     Stable performance, competitive price

     Assembling the components at no extra charge

     Inertia large load inertia matching

     By increasing the deceleration torque

     "Lifetime lubrication" gearbox without leakage or decontamination maintenance

     For a variety of industries and applications, including:

- Printing and paper processing

- CNC machining equipment

- Military aerospace equipment

- Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication

- Coating and film processing

- High-speed electronic assembly

- Injection molding, packaging

- CNC bending machine

- Automatic stack shrink packaging machine

- PCB board aircraft, sent to board

- Gantry Welder

- Test equipment (Rally test machine, etc.)

- Automated packaging equipment, printing machinery (labeling machines)

- Large wood coating production line

- Woodworking Conference Board

- Water cutting equipment

- Computer Cutter

- Glass Cutting Machine

- laser cutter

- Automatic lathes

- Textile Machinery EVB Series precision planetary reducer EVB Series precision planetary reducer