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VL series right angle heavy planetary reducer




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1, modular design, can be combined according to customer requirements change.
2, box with ductile iron, greatly improving the rigidity and shock resistance box.
3, cabinets sun gear, planetary gear, ring gear and spiral bevel gears are used in controlled atmosphere carburizing, get high-hard wear-resistant surface, all grinding after heat treatment, reduce noise, improve the overall efficiency and service life.
4, the input mode: concentric shaft input, motor flange input, the hydraulic motor input
5, output: outer splined hollow shaft shrink disc, splined inner, solid shaft flat key.
6, the installation forms: horizontal installation, vertical installation.
7, right-angle planetary gear reducer products are 12 kinds of models, the ratio is 1: 3-1: 10000 transmission series points 1-4.
1, the output speed: 0.19 ~ 500r / min
2, the output torque: High to 118000Nm
3, motor power: 0.18-110kW
4. Installation: Flange mounting