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Foldback electric cylinders

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DH75 foldback electric servo-cylinder




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Thrust range: 0-5000KG

Travel to 1m, work 100%

Speed can be up to 2500mm/s

Closed loop servo control, the control precision is 0.01mm

Precision thrust control precision is 5%, and the closed-loop control precision is 1%

Precision control speed, high performance and high speed performance

Any position can keep thrust

High dynamic response time, high speed

High rigidity, anti impact force

Long life, simple operation and maintenance, low noise


Bearing / drive housing: 6063-T6 anodized aluminum shell

Mounting plate: 6061-T6 anodized aluminum casting

Thrust bearings: angular contact, high thrust ball bearings

Lead screw / nut: copper; carbon steel alloy

Screw gear: alloy steel, surface hardening

Guide cylinder: 6063-T6 anodized aluminum hardened shell

Thrust tube: 300 series stainless steel, 1/4 hardness and grounding

Ball screw / nut: heat treated carbon alloy steel

Belt / pulley: AT-5, polyurethane with extensible steel wire

Optional accessories

Standard or custom length to 105000 mm

Electric motor or screw brake

Screw thread, ball, U shaped clamp connecting rod end

Environmental protection cover

Clean room preparation

Synchronous belt, helical gear, series direct drive

Flange, U shaped clamp, ear axis electric cylinder mounting type

magnetic position sensor

Linear potentiometer output

Common applications include:

NC machine tools and other plant automatic processing equipment.

Aircraft landing gear, wing and aileron control, sweptwing swing, push-pull commutator.

The plane height adjustment of the suitable working environment of human body engineering.

Medical and office equipment required to enforce quiet work.

Working table, transmission device, loading / unloading equipment.

The rubber broom lifting device of the ground cleaning vehicle, and the throttle control of the salt making machine.

Automatic safety door positioning.

Lifting of flat plate.

Fixture positioning for flexible assembly operation.

Material handling and feeding system

Wood and plastic processing industry

Vertical actuator for loader tool

Tension, tension and / or clamp in textile industry

In the automation industry for transportation and assembly

Application of test equipment and laboratory

Valve adjustment


Packaging machinery

Process automation in the food and beverage industry

There are many, many applications.