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10 kg industrial robot




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Model supports two types of hollow type and external extension arm design, maximum load capacity up to 10kg, radius of action up to about 1957mm. The mechanical structure is compact and delicate. More extensive scope of work. At the same time, it also has a very high accuracy, stable and reliable performance. Protection level IP65, can be no problem to deal with poor external production conditions. Dexterity wrist and torque superpower of the perfect fusion, shorten the operation time of the motion, to achieve diversity and flexibility of the maximum. This kind of robot in welding field champion, you can easily reach 2m within a radius of structural parts of the internal cavity of the completion of welding, meet your ideal welding effect. At the same time in grinding, handling, assembly and other low load, high precision, high speed application areas are not inferior.

Economically feasible.

Cost-effective, installation, operation and maintenance of low cost

Optimization design /

The new beautiful shape design, mechanical structure and control device optimization

Scheduling control.

With the master slave robot coordination technology, to achieve online and efficient production scheduling

Multi axis linkage.

According to the need to build a flexible external shaft configuration system, support multi axis real-time linkage technology, support for lifting and hanging

Speed accuracy.

Action speed outstanding, to meet the harsh production beat

Flexible expansion.

Network control system, rich external interface and expansion ability

Technical support.

Fully open autonomous system to support a variety of application development

And dynamic optimization

SIASUN virtual workstation software support CAD model reconstruction and CAD based model of the robot to avoid teaching

And matching applications.

Support visual, force sense and other kinds of intelligent sensing information

/ / spare parts

Parts of the wear rate is low, spare parts quality and cheap, can quickly change, regular maintenance, prolong life

Customer service.

Active and timely localization of customer service, free of your worries