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Industrial robot

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50 kg industrial robot




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Models using high rigid lightweight mechanical structure, with the introduction of the security design Xi, compact body design, suitable for in narrow places handling operations carried out. Key components are used sealing structure, firm and durable, IP67, to adapt to the harsh environment, body explosion proof, won the only state approved. Widely used in water cutting, and in the dust of the larger indoor and outdoor can be normal operation. Strictly control the rotational speed and the energy consumption of the optimal proportion, and complete the high density action, so as to improve the work efficiency. The robot has a new benchmark in security, transmission, and reliability. In the spraying, grinding, polishing, casting special industry application and popularization, in the handling, stacking, loading and unloading, assembly industry also highlight the splendor, has the potential of the star product.

Economically feasible.

Cost-effective, installation, operation and maintenance of low cost

Optimization design /

The new beautiful shape design, mechanical structure and control device optimization

Scheduling control.

With the master slave robot coordination technology, to achieve online and efficient production scheduling

Multi axis linkage.

According to the need to build a flexible external shaft configuration system, support multi axis real-time linkage technology, support for lifting and hanging

Speed accuracy.

Action speed outstanding, to meet the harsh production beat

Flexible expansion.

Network control system, rich external interface and expansion ability

Technical support.

Fully open autonomous system to support a variety of application development

And dynamic optimization

SIASUN virtual workstation software support CAD model reconstruction and CAD based model of the robot to avoid teaching

And matching applications.

Support visual, force sense and other kinds of intelligent sensing information

/ / spare parts

Parts of the wear rate is low, spare parts quality and cheap, can quickly change, regular maintenance, prolong life

Customer service.

Active and timely localization of customer service, free of your worries