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Planetary Gearheads

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VRT series precision planetary reducer




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* 6 kinds of frame sizes available

· Backlash of 3 arc minutes

Maximum torque up to 5860 lb-in

* The maximum radial load capacity 2000 lb

         Provides 3: 1 to 1000: 1 ratio

· RediMount motor mounting system


· Stable performance, competitive price

         Assembling the components at no extra charge

         Inertia large load inertia matching

         By increasing the deceleration torque

         "Lifetime lubrication" gearbox without leakage or decontamination maintenance

? Suitable for a variety of industries and applications, including:

- Printing and paper processing

- Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication

- Coating and film processing

- High-speed electronic assembly

- Injection molding, packaging

- Base azimuth and elevation